Summary of Investment Criteria

So, what do all those posts mean? Give me the meat. Give me the funda. Summarize.

Ok, here we go. This is an initial list we’ll work with and fine tune it and update it as we go along (Frankly, haven’t had the time to read up on and understand the significance of Price/Sales ratio, PEG ratio, Current ratio, Interest cover, Dividend yield and what’s a good EPS growth number, Insiders holding (according to Walter Schloss, it must be greater than 50%). Will learn about these and update this criteria as we move along in life).

Basically, Fundamentally and all -lly-s, here’s the real deal (click to enlarge) –

Now that we have covered some basics of value investing, we shall proceed to screening stocks based on some of these criteria and see how the results turn up. I hope to have something by tomorrow. Happy Investing!


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    Great Way to Put It

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