Indian Companies list in Forbes Asia’s Best under a Billion 2010

I was researching on a stock and I landed up on this link, which points to Forbes Asia’s Best under a Billion in Sep 2010. I am really late to the party I guess. I have compiled the list of all Indian companies on that list here. And as every foolish investor does all the time, I have tried to put my insightful insights (!) against each stock. I am also taking the risk of sharing my immense wisdom with you all. Get ready to lose your money by investing based on my comments.


S.No Company Industry My Comments
1 Allied Digital Services Software & Services Some auditor raid recently. In the Remote Infrastructure space(RIMS). Promising, but be careful.
2 Amara Raja Batteries Capital Goods Available cheaper than its competitor Exide with P/E of 11 vis-à-vis P/E of 20 for Exide. Promoter issue though. Expanding inverter market might push up revenues
3 Ashiana Housing Construction Promising player. Macro interest scenario doesn’t help though. Pretty positive on this stock.
4 Banco Products (India) Capital Goods No idea about this stock. But in general, Capital Goods industry would require capital to grow. And with capital requirement comes debt. A B2B company in the Capital Goods industry in general cannot generate above average returns unless bought into a 2008 kind of market.
5 Bliss GVS Pharma Drugs & Biotechnology I don’t understand Pharma sector currently. But whatever I hear about Pharma, this one seems pretty high on the list along with Ajanta Pharma
6 Compact Disc (India) Media I’d stay away from this stock even if it gets dead cheap.
7 Core Projects & Technologies Software & Services No idea about this stock.
8 Deep Industries Oil & Gas Operations No idea about this stock.
9 Dhanuka Agritech Chemicals One of the very promising players in the Agri space. Definitely worth a look in. Inventory days and debtor days seem to be a concern.
10 ELGI Equipments Capital Goods No idea about this stock. The capital goods comment for Banco (above) works here too I guess.
11 Emami Household & Personal Products Very much gung-ho on FMCG. This one looks a tad expensive though at current levels. There are better FMCG stocks out there. Can definitely look into this in case of any major correction.
12 Everonn Education Business Services & Supplies This education sector promise has ruined many an investor till date (remember the Educomp mania?). I haven’t researched into this stock though.
13 Exide Industries Consumer Durables Market leader in Batteries. This one along with Amara Raja seem decent plays.
14 FDC Drugs & Biotechnology No idea about this stock.
15 Glodyne Technoserve Software & Services The Allied Digital Services fiasco has rubbed off on this RIMS space player too. No stock specific data though.
16 GSS America Infotech Software & Services No idea about this stock.
17 Hyderabad Industries Construction This stock along with Visaka are starting to look promising at these price levels. Interestingly poised.
18 ICSA (India) Software & Services I mistook this for ICRA when I first saw this and started digging into numbers. I didn’t like the numbers.
19 Indag Rubber Chemicals The rubber industry is very interestingly poised. Indag along with Balkrishna and Gujarat Reclaim are good bets.
20 Jindal Drilling & Industries Oil & Gas Operations No idea about this stock
21 Jubilant Organosys Drugs & Biotechnology No idea about this stock.
22 Kaveri Seed Food Drink & Tobacco No idea about this stock.
23 KNR Constructions Construction No idea about this stock.
24 Liberty Phosphate Chemicals This is more of a fertilizer play. This one along with Rama Phosphate and Khaitan Chemicals are 3 major players in Single Sulphur Phosphate, a super fertilizer (SSP). SSP (Single Super Phosphate) was almost a dead industry brought back to life by the new Nutrient Based Subsidy (NBS) scheme notified by the Government of India. Dig in further if you are interested
25 Micro Technologies (India) Software & Services No idea about this stock.
26 Navin Fluorine International Chemicals I’d stay away from this stock even if it gets dead cheap.
27 Nitin Fire Protection Industries Conglomerates For some reason, the numbers don’t excite me at all. I am neutral on this.
28 Omnitech Infosolutions Software & Services Good player in the RIMS space. Decent bet.
29 Ponni Sugars (Erode) Food Drink & Tobacco Cyclical industry. I usually stay away from cyclicals. Bajaj Hindusthan, the largest player in this space looks interesting.
30 Ranklin Solutions Software & Services This one appeared on my debt capacity bargain screener. Very small player – difficult to evaluate. No revenue visibility.
31 Sandur Manganese & Iron Ores Materials No idea about this stock.
32 Seamac Construction No idea about this stock.
33 Solar Industries India Chemicals No idea about this stock.
34 Spice Mobility Technology Hardware & Equipment No idea about this stock.
35 Transformers & Rectifiers (India) Capital Goods Good play in the Power space. Again, capital goods sector – no great/fantastic returns. Just steady returns expected.
36 Ushdev International Utilities Seems like a trading play on Steels at first look. I shall pass.
37 Vinati Organics Chemicals Impressive stock. Accumulate on declines
38 Wim Plast Consumer Durables Impressive growth. Good potential. Has run up recently. Accumulate on declines
39 Zydus Wellness Food Drink & Tobacco The stock’s run away. Should deliver steady returns. Keep a watch for declines and accumulate

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  1. #1 by Dinesh on May 6, 2011 - 8:32 PM

    Hey Kiran

    I found your blog recently and enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work ! Good analysis of the Forbes list. I hold a few of those stocks. If you are looking closely at Ranklin, I’ve read about some promoter issues with that stock so tread carefully. Good luck!

  2. #2 by Kiran on May 9, 2011 - 11:09 AM

    Thanks Dinesh.

    I looked at Ranklin purely because it was a debt capacity bargain but found too many issues with the numbers and hence passed it.

    Promoter issues too, eh? Thanks for the pointer 🙂

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  4. #4 by BM on February 26, 2013 - 9:37 AM

    Hi Kiran, just wanted to understand the context of your remark on Naveen Fluorine. Is it because of the industry it is in?

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